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Without careful estate planning, you'd have no way to ensure that your loved ones will handle your estate according to your wishes. To make matters worse, they might not even be able to make those decisions on their own. Instead, the courts could decide how your estate gets handled. To make sure your assets go to their intended beneficiaries, turn to the Clifford L. Bertholf Law Offices for estate planning in Wichita, KS. You can count on estate planning attorney Clifford L. Bertholf to draft an estate plan that works for you.

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3 reasons to create an estate plan with the help of a probate lawyer

3 reasons to create an estate plan with the help of a probate lawyer

You can choose the same attorney that helped you plan your estate to see your family through the probate process once you've passed. This is an excellent solution for you and your family because:

1.Your probate lawyer will already be familiar with your wishes.
2.Your probate lawyer will be better equipped to handle any familial disputes that arise.
3.The probate process will most likely move faster.

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